5 Camping must haves


Updated 14th September 2016

Have you been caught by the camping bug? Take camping to the next level with these camping must haves.  All of this camping equipment is ideal for newcomers to camping as well as the more experienced camper.

If you are new to camping , you probably won’t want to splash out on an expensive tent to start with.  After-all, camping is not for everyone! North Gear waterproof tent offer a basic tent for 4 persons. Cheap (under £40.00) and easy to put up, this tent is great value for money. However, it is probably more suitable to a max of 3 persons, 4 at a squeeze.The Benross Group offer a neat tent dustpan and brush  set which is perfect for cleaning up your tent.  The brush and dustpan clip together for easy flat storage. The set is lightweight and easy to carry. Perfect for camping trips and going to festivals.2 x Blue inflatable camping pillows   Inflatable pillows are just what is needed for camping or travelling. They have flocked covering for that  extra bit of comfort. Easily stored and they take up very little space. Would be great for the beach too!Love this attractive portable wash bowl. Lightweight and it also folds up in its own carry bag.  Ideal for camping, picnics as well as a multitude of outdoor activities.Wow!  Unbreakable wine glasses!  These are perfect for a girls camping or glamping trip. Great too for pool parties, picnics and beach BBQ’s.  Each set of 4 frosted glasses comes complete with a carry bag.




5 Best camping gadgets

Here are 5 cheap gadgets that will  definitely make your camping trip a fun and memorable experience.

Love al fresco dining but don’t love tumbling bottles of wine?  These clever wine bottle and wine glass holders will be happy to step in and come to the rescue.  Perfect for camping, picnics, beach outings as well as barbecues. Check them out here

Wine bottle holder

If you miss having toast when you are camping, you will want to get your hands on this nifty portable toaster. Made by bright Spark, the toaster fits into any Bright Spark portable gas cooker.  Golden brown toast time after time.


Turn the campfire into a colourful display with these mystical fire sachets.  Fun and entertaining, each sachet lasts for up to 40 minutes.

Mystical fire

This is a great way to store your toiletries during a camping trip.  Made by Dopobo® this hanging storage bag is big enough to hold all the necessities.

Portable hanging toliletry holder

Every camper should have a whistling kettle!  This compact whistling kettle is perfect for camping, making up to three cups of tea each time.

Whistling kettle

5 of the best kitchen gadgets

Here we have it!  A handful of the most unique, funny and most importantly, affordable kitchen gadgets. These cool gadgets would make the perfect quirky gift for someone who loves to cook.

First off is this adorable pet pig tabletop vacuum cleaner.  This gadget is handy for collecting all of those annoying crumbs.

Pet pig table  top vacuum cleaner

Next up is Eddingtons egg cuber – If you love egg sandwiches, this is the gadget for you. This curious egg cuber is great fun as it literally squashes your egg into a cube shape. An ideal gift for anyone with children who need encouraging to eat eggs, for chef’s or for that person who has everything.

Egg cuber

I just love these fun snails.  HeroNeo® Cute snail silicone tea bag holder. An inexpensive novelty item which is sure to put a smile on any tea drinkers face.

Snail tea bag holder

Another one for tea lovers. Meet Mr Fred the adorable tea infuser.  This little guy perches on the rim of your tea cup so you don’t have to worry about fishing him out.

Novelty tea infuser

Sandwiches will never be boring again.  Check out this butterfly sandwich cutter which will cut your bread into butterfly shapes. Brilliant fun for parties, school packed lunches and even biscuits.

sandwich cutter


5 memorable hen party ideas

Updated 12th September 2016

Here are 5 ideas to make a hen party or weekend away both memorable and fun without it costing the earth…

1- Have a sleep over. You may be able to arrange this at a hotel, villa or what about a haunted castle? Haunted rooms offer weekends and overnight stays in some of the most haunted properties in the UK, and these range from castles to forts and even old mental asylums!

2- Start the frivolities in the afternoon tea with a tea dance. Tea dances are back in vogue and these give the hens the chance to dress up in vintage clothing and dance to popular vintage music from the 1920s to the 1950s. Check out this video from the Ragroof Players Tea Dances and see how much fun you can have.

3- Have a lavish picnic. This could be by the river, on a beach or even at a theme park! If you are planning a hen weekend, why not try glamping at the same time. GlampingUK have a huge selection of glamping opportunities in the UK. For some great picnic and BBQ inspiration have a peep here.

4- Stay overnight in a youth hostel.  Hostelling is perfect for groups and as well as offering affordable accommodation, they offer a unique experience and a friendly welcome For hostelling in Scotland, have a look at the SYHA website.
5-Head into London and make use of the 100’s of  2FOR1 offers with rail tickets.   2FOR1 Offers in London can be found here.

Outdoor wedding ideas

Updated 12th September 2016

The great outdoors is a wonderful backdrop for a wedding.  Whether you are planning to keep things simple and have the reception in your garden or go all out and hire a venue or head to the beach, these ideas are sure to give you some inspiration in preparation for your big day.



Make your own hen party games

Updated 14th September 2016

It’s fun and easy to make your own DIY hen party games.  These games simply require a few pens, paper or card, access to a printer and a laminator if you want to keep things clean! Oh and lets not forget, a great imagination….

Who am  I DIY hen party game


Guess who Hen party game

Who knows the bride the best.  Hen party game

Advice for the bride

12 Touches that will make your wedding day extraordinary

Updated 12th September 2016

Your wedding day is a day to remember and cherish. Make sure your day is extraordinary by adding your own unique ceremony touches.

Here are 12 ideas to get you started….

1- Make a change from the traditional seating! Don’t keep everyone in a row. Be creative and seat your guests in a circle or half circle

2- Wear a wedding dress which is your favourite colour and let the bridesmaids wear white instead.

3- Instead of carrying a bouquet of fresh flowers, why not opt for ferns or natural woodland features depending upon the season.

Rustic wedding bouquet

4- Give the bridesmaids each a pretty clutch purse to hold.  This is both functional and a much lasting reminder of the day than flowers.

5- Skip the rice and confetti and have your guests wave flags instead.

6- If the reception will be in walking distance of the ceremony, give each guest a helium balloon to carry as they walk to the reception.

7- Create your own cocktail and give it a special name.

8- Display photographs of yourself and the groom from childhood photographs to the engagement.

9- Chose non traditional wedding invitations.

10- For guests who arrive from out-of-town, give them an information pack on the area and include things to see and do as well as restaurant suggestions.

11- At the reception have a prop box where guests can dress up and wear funny hats and glasses. A great way to get everyone talking.

12-Light the way to the wedding with affordable tea light holder paper lantern bags