How to pin an image and URL from your business Facebook page to Pinterest

Wondering how to pin a post from your business Facebook page to Pinterest? If you have ever tried to pin an image from  your Facebook page to Pinterest you will have seen the following and no doubt given up!


How do other pinners manage to pin images with the URL or web address to their business Facebook page?

Here is a very easy and simple method you can use in order that Pinterest users will be taken to your business Facebook page when they click on the pinned image.  Here is a step by step guide:

1- From your PC or other device, upload the image you want to use.  Alternatively save the image direct from the Facebook post by right clicking on the mouse and then select ‘save image as’ by left clicking on the mouse.


2- Go to Pinterest and log into your account. Select ‘upload an image.’ 


3-You will be asked to upload a pin. Click on ‘Choose image’ and select the image you want to pin back to your Facebook business page post.  

Pinning an image to Pinterest.jpg

4-Once uploaded, write a description using any relevant key words and select the board that you want the image to be pinned to.


5-Click on ‘save’




6-Now you need to go to Facebook and get the post URL  You can find the correct URL by clicking on the date and time the post went live. 


7-Head back to Pinterest, locate the image and ‘Edit this pin’.  Add the Facebook URL, click on ‘save ‘ and Hey presto.  From now on when anyone clicks on your pin they will be taken to your Facebook page and the relevant post. 


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