5 Best camping gadgets

Here are 5 cheap gadgets that will  definitely make your camping trip a fun and memorable experience.

Love al fresco dining but don’t love tumbling bottles of wine?  These clever wine bottle and wine glass holders will be happy to step in and come to the rescue.  Perfect for camping, picnics, beach outings as well as barbecues. Check them out here

Wine bottle holder

If you miss having toast when you are camping, you will want to get your hands on this nifty portable toaster. Made by bright Spark, the toaster fits into any Bright Spark portable gas cooker.  Golden brown toast time after time.


Turn the campfire into a colourful display with these mystical fire sachets.  Fun and entertaining, each sachet lasts for up to 40 minutes.

Mystical fire

This is a great way to store your toiletries during a camping trip.  Made by Dopobo® this hanging storage bag is big enough to hold all the necessities.

Portable hanging toliletry holder

Every camper should have a whistling kettle!  This compact whistling kettle is perfect for camping, making up to three cups of tea each time.

Whistling kettle

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