12 Touches that will make your wedding day extraordinary

Updated 12th September 2016

Your wedding day is a day to remember and cherish. Make sure your day is extraordinary by adding your own unique ceremony touches.

Here are 12 ideas to get you started….

1- Make a change from the traditional seating! Don’t keep everyone in a row. Be creative and seat your guests in a circle or half circle

2- Wear a wedding dress which is your favourite colour and let the bridesmaids wear white instead.

3- Instead of carrying a bouquet of fresh flowers, why not opt for ferns or natural woodland features depending upon the season.

Rustic wedding bouquet

4- Give the bridesmaids each a pretty clutch purse to hold.  This is both functional and a much lasting reminder of the day than flowers.

5- Skip the rice and confetti and have your guests wave flags instead.

6- If the reception will be in walking distance of the ceremony, give each guest a helium balloon to carry as they walk to the reception.

7- Create your own cocktail and give it a special name.

8- Display photographs of yourself and the groom from childhood photographs to the engagement.

9- Chose non traditional wedding invitations.

10- For guests who arrive from out-of-town, give them an information pack on the area and include things to see and do as well as restaurant suggestions.

11- At the reception have a prop box where guests can dress up and wear funny hats and glasses. A great way to get everyone talking.

12-Light the way to the wedding with affordable tea light holder paper lantern bags




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