Baby shower checklist

The key to a successful baby shower is planning.  Will the baby shower be before or after the baby is born? Is the sex of the baby known or will it be a surprise?

To help you on your planning way, here is a baby shower checklist with a few things you may want to consider…

Venue. Where will the baby shower be held? At home, a restaurant? Indoors or outdoors?

Invitations. How will you invite the guests? Will you simply send them a text, create a Facebook event and invite everyone that way or buy ready made or custom paper invites.

Refreshments. Will you make arrangements for a formal sit down meal or something more casual with a buffet and a selection of shop brought and home made nibbles for the guests?

Tableware. Colourful paper plates, serving trays and tablecloths will complete the buffet arrangement. A formal meal will require china plates. If you don’t have enough crockery and cutlery for a sit down, you may want to consider hiring or borrowing from friends and family.

Hiring or borrowing. Do you have enough chairs and tables for all of the guests? You may want to consider hiring a bouncy castle or other attraction if there will be young children at the baby shower. Vintage tea parties are a popular baby shower theme and everything you need can be picked up second hand from car boot sales or hired.

Decorations. Flowers, balloons, bunting, paper streamers, photographs of the mum to be when she was a baby, for a rustic touch- Pine-cones and wild flowers in mason jars.

Gifts. Set up a space where the guests can leave their gifts for the mum to be.

Games. Everyone loves a few games and ice breakers are a great way for guests to get to know each other. Create your own games or buy online.  Don’t forget prizes for the winners!

DIY baby shower game

DIY baby shower game

Music. Create a playlist to set the mood or hire some local musicians to play.

Favours and Thank you gifts. Say ‘thank you’ to the guests with a small gift and keepsake of the baby shower.

Photographs.  Hiring a professional photographer to record the event?  Remember to book well in advance because the best photographers get ‘snapped’ up quickly! Alternatively, how about giving each guest a disposable camera to snap away.  At the end of the baby shower, each guest hands their camera in.  Have fun checking the photographs when they come back from the developers.

Little extras.  Buy a scrapbook and pen so that the guests can write their own tips and advice for the mum to be.

baby shower

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