Top tips to look after your car during the winter

Girls, winter is well and truly here and with the current cold front on the verge of turning even colder, it is essential to get your car is ready for the next few months. This is especially important if you are a new car owner and this will be your first winter driving.

Winter driving can be hazardous even for the most experienced drivers. The months of October to March are certainly the most challenging for motorists and their vehicles. Even the most well maintained car can suffer a breakdown in this cold season so follow these top tips to keep you and your car safely on the road.

Winter driving

1- Make sure you have breakdown cover. Surprisingly more than 1 in 12 motorists don’t have breakdown cover. Don’t end up stranded on the hard shoulder in a snow storm. Breakdown cover is a small price to pay to get you on your way again.

2-Take advantage of any winter service offers at your local garage. It is important that you will be able to count on your car running at its optimum level for the duration of the winter.

3-During the winter months be prepared for any type of emergency and carry a de-icing kit in your car as well as a blanket and torch.

4-Heading off on a long journey over the Christmas period? Pack a hot sugary drink in a thermos flask to keep you warm and awake.

5-Plan your journey time. Driving from A to B in the rain, fog, snow or ice is going to take longer because you need to drive slower. Start your journey earlier than planned so you won’t be tempted to put your foot down and speed.

6-Check your oil, water and brake fluid levels. If you aren’t sure how, ask or check your car manual.

7-Check the tread on your tyres. A good treat is essential come the ice.

8-Have your wheel alignment checked at a garage. This is a must if you have hit a kerb or you find your steering pulling to one side. As well as lengthening the life of the tyres, it is important to have full control of your car during hazardous weather.

9-Ensure you have anti-freeze in the radiator.  You can pick up anti-freeze at the supermarket during your weekly shop.

10-Also add anti freeze to your window screen wash.

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