Haunted Brighton

Did you know that , second only to York, Brighton is the second most haunted city in England?

As well as a good number of haunted bars and restaurants in the city, Brighton’s shingle beach doesn’t escape from ghostly apparitions.  The beach is supposedly haunted by an enormous dog, which when confronted simply disappears into thin air.

Want to know which places to visit or possibly avoid after dark!?  Then here is a pretty comprehensive list of haunted places in Brighton

Do you feel brave enough to spend the night in the old police cells on a ghost hunt? If you do, then as luck would have it,  the TruthSearchers UK team  host  regular overnight Paranormal investigations at the Old Police Cells & Museum, Deep in the bowels of Brighton Town Hall. The group have full access to all of the Old town Gaol  and Police Station for the night. The cells were used from the early 19th century until its closure in 1967 so I am sure there are plenty of secrets to be discovered!

The Old police cells museum underneath Brighton town hall

If ghost hunting over night is not your cup of tea, how about a ghostly evening of fun  with one of Brighton’s very own ghost walkers.  You will be taken through some pf the most haunted parts of the city which include the Brighton old town hall, the old Steine, Dr Brighton’s and the Lanes.  The Ghost Walk  runs every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings and lasts approximately 70 minutes.  Go if you dare!

Another comprehensive list of haunted places in Brighton along with photographs can be found here.

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