Wedding day tips and ideas

Updated 12th September 2016

Take a deep breath, your wedding day is nearly here. Remember that no one wants to see you lose the plot and have a bridezilla moment on your big day.  With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you enjoy your day and stay on track. Bride

Gifts or money? If you are a couple who have been living together before you get married, you probably wont need any gifts to start a home. The majority of couples these days tend to ask their guests for money or gift vouchers. It is a good idea to collect small gifts and cards at the reception with a themed box. This vintage Mr & Mrs sack would not look out of place at a rustic themed wedding. Vintage sack

Wedding day hair. Don’t try out a new hair style on the day of your wedding. Have a dummy run with your hairdresser first and go with the style that you feel most comfortable with. A dummy run will also give you an idea of how much time you will need to put aside for having your hair done on your big day.

Table decorations don’t have to be expensive and it’s nice to have something that guests can pop into their bag as a keepsake. Rustic personalised hearts are cute and being small they can be scattered on the tables.


Comfortable feet! Most brides regret not wearing comfortable footwear. This doesn’t mean that you have to turn up in trainers but high heels are the biggest culprit. If you have brought some brand new spanking 5 inch heels, try them out at home and wear them for a couple of hours each day. If they feel tight, loosen them up by padding them out with damp crumpled newspaper overnight. These shoes need to take you from the ceremony to the dance floor at your reception.

Younger guests. Keep the children amused during the speeches and give them an activity pack. Alternatively you could hire a magician to entertain the young ones in a separate room during the speeches. Activity pack

Wedding day emergency kit. Every bride should have one of these! Make your own wedding day emergency kit with these great suggestions.

Wedding day emergency kit

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