Create your own office space at home

I have put together what I hope will be some useful tips to help you set up your own office space at home. These tips are important because if you have decided to work from home, you will need to plan exactly how you are going to combine both home and work under one roof.

1- First off and probably most importantly, you are going to have to discipline yourself. Can you be certain that after 1 hour of working, you are not going to get distracted and put the television on or do a spot of gardening because the weeds are beginning to overtake the flower beds and it’s all beginning to look like a set from the film, the day of the Triffids! I suggest that you set yourself daily targets and write them down. Once you have achieved a target, tick it off and move onto the next one.

2- Make sure that your office space is in a part of your home that you like. Lighting is important although there is no need to have bright strip lights, keep the lighting in tune with the type of work that you will be doing and a homely balance. Chose space where there is access to a window for ventilation and fresh air.

3- If you need to keep a stock of items for your home business, then make sure that your supplies are kept tidy and not just thrown around. You need to be able to find things as you need them. Boxes and shelves are most suitable.

4- Unless you live alone, then make sure that your office space is not close to any distractions, for example the kitchen, children’s play room.

5- Make the most of your home office space and keep your working area clean and tidy. Don’t allow rubbish or old faxes to clutter your desk. Position a waste basket under your desk so that you can continually keep the work space ‘workable’ While this sounds very basic, being tidy and getting rid of any clutter helps to create an efficient work space.

6- Make sure that your work space is just that- Only for your work. It will become distracting if you bring other types of jobs to your work space.

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