How to get longer eyelashes and thicker eyebrows

Thick eyebrows are back in fashion! This is no doubt good news for some of you out there, but if the rest of you are like me and have straggly eyebrows then its time to take action! After years of plucking my eyebrows at school, I never seem to have been able to get my eyebrows back in shape and they have been looking pretty patchy. To get my eyebrows looking a bit fuller and stronger and hopefully back into some sort of shape, I decided to give the Multi Award Winning, RapidLash® a try. While it is called Rapidlash®, the product can be used on eyebrows as well as eyelashes. It’s not a cheap product, although I brought mine at £26.99 on Amazon compared to the R.R.P (Recommended retail price) of £39.99. saying that, I just checked Boots online and they are selling Rapidlash® for £41.00. Amazon have the product for much less and I found a seller with a great price of £35.99 with free delivery as well as a free eyelash and brow comb. If you want to try this product for yourself, click here.


I was pretty sceptical that it would work and what also bothered me was the product description, because there is some conflicting information. Initially it is quoted that ”RapidLash®offers up to 50% longer looking and up to 75% more voluminous looking natural lashes in just 60 days.” While reading further down there is another quote ”RapidLash® is an innovative high-performance serum that conditions your lashes to look stronger, fuller and longer in as few as 8 weeks” Hmmnnn. Still skeptical I applied the serum once a day as directed and the container and its contents got me up to day 46. I decided from day 1 to apply the serum to both upper and lower eyelashes as well as my eyebrows.

Has there been any improvement?
Well, I believe there may have been a little improvement but its hard to tell. To be fair on RapidLash® I only used the product for 46 days and I wonder if I have been expecting too much or do I need to continue indefinably in order to see any big results? After researching the product a little more, RapidLash® admit that this is simply a cosmetic product and does not stimulate hair growth.

Overall, I don’t think that I will be spending any more money on another RapidLash®. I decided to make my eyelashes and eyebrows look fuller and longer myself which was a not only a much cheaper method, but I saw a noticeable improvement.

Here are my own tried and tested steps to creating longer and thicker looking eyelashes and eyebrows….

1- Apply Vaseline to your eyebrows and eyelashes every night before going to bed. After just a couple of days you will notice the difference.
2- Wait for a week until your eyebrows and eyelashes have been sufficiently conditioned by the Vaseline, and you can dye your eyebrows and eyelashes with Eylure Dybrow. Straightaway this will make a dramatic impact.
3- Always use eyelash curlers! They help to give a great impression of longer lashes.
4-To make even more of an impact and make your eyelashes look longer, create a false eyelash effect by applying some brush on eyelash fibres. Mine cost me £9.95 from Superdrug. You can check them out here. Eyelash fibres. To get the best result with eyelash fibres, you need to firstly apply a base coat of your usual mascara because this is what the fibres will adhere to. Next apply a second coat of mascara. Which mascara you use is personal preference, for me, I find that Max Factor  mascaras works best for me. They have excellent staying power and stay on without smearing.
5-To your eyebrows, also apply a small smear of Vaseline and hey presto! Wide awake eyes and a well-kept looking set of eyebrows.

If you don’t want to dye your eyebrows but want them to look thicker, then I suggest that you give the MUA Make Up Academy Fashionista Eyebrow Kit a go. At only £3.50 instead of the regular price of £7.00 it’s excellent value for money and well worth a try. The kit contains two brow powders, a pair of mini tweezers and some blend wax and highlighting powder to help define and frame your eyebrows. Why not have a look at the MUA eyebrowkit






31.10.2014  I just wanted to update this post and let everyone know about an affordable product which seems to have achieved some pretty outstanding results not only conditioning, but making eyelashes and eyebrows longer and thicker.


Made by Delia cosmetics, their lash and brow growth conditioner  at only £4.99 with keratin will give you the results that you want within 15 days.  As well as keratin its other active Ingredients are WIDELASHTM which is an innovative complex of two active ingredients Biotinoyl Tripeptide – 1, that strengthens eyelash and eyebrow fiber and follicle and also pro-vitamin B2, that effectively rebuilds hair structure.





Top tip Some medications speed up eyelash growth. Minoxidil for example speeds up eyelash growth.  But you have to remember that when you stop using the product, your eyelashes will revert back to how they were before.  You can find out more about treating hair loss and Minoxidil right here

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