The perfect new home gift

It was the 21st April 2013 and I had set my alarm to wake me at 04.00 the next morning. Actually I was awake well before the alarm went off because I was only able to sleep on and off. It was a strange and almost unreal feeling spending my last night in the city that had been my home for 12 years. I was spending my last night with friends in a historic part of Istanbul called Yedikule before catching an early morning flight (7.50am) to London Gatwick the next day.

Breakfast at 04.30 a.m felt like it was going to be my last ever meal. I felt sick and anxious. All I had arranged in the UK was a place to live. Nothing more and I didn’t know anyone in the new city that I was going to call home.

Breakfast over and with my case packed we left Yedikule and headed to the airport. Thank you Ebru for driving us there so fast 🙂 I couldn’t believe that my friends in Istanbul had woke so early to come to the airport with me and for Bahar and Meltem who had even come to meet me there. It was very emotional although I seemed to put up a wall which protected me from the straightforward facts that I was leaving my amazing and supportive friends who had been with me for years behind. Ask me about the moments that I stepped through the passport control in Istanbul and the actual flight. I cant tell you. It has all been erased. I can only remember Ebru calling my name as I walked from the passport booth into the departure area and my friends waving me goodbye.

New beginnings. Old friends never forgotten.

I had only been in my new home for a few days when the postman delivered a small package through my letter box. I had not ordered anything so I thought it may be a freebie 🙂 Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw that it was a gift from Amazon and from my friend Shahrooz who sent me the new home gift that you can see in the photograph.

A perfect gift for anyone who has moved into a new home. Thank you again Shahrooz

Ebru, Öznür, Esin, Özge, Shahrooz, Bahar & Meltem -Thank you and I miss you all more than words can ever say

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