Hemp hand protector saves the day

Over the past few weeks I had been searching for a not too expensive heavy-duty hand cream. My hands had become very dry and wrinkled looking especially after washing them. I wondered if this could be due to the water because I only experienced this dry skin condition since moving to Brighton. One of my friends told me that the Body Shop had a Hemp hand protector which was getting good reviews so I headed straight to the nearest Body Shop and brought a 30 ml size of Hemp hand protector. This is a perfect handbag size and it works out to be pretty good value at £5.00 because you only need use a small amount. Some people who have used the hemp range comment on the smell, but I find it reminds me of Henna powder and is certainly not unpleasant. Just don’t go expecting a fruity smell, because after all said and done, Hemp is actually a variety of the cannabis plant.

This product is a best seller at the Body Shop and it certainly does relieve very dry skin as well as restoring moisture and suppleness. Try the Body Shop Hemp hand protector yourself.

The Body shop. Hemp hand protector 30 ml

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